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PE at Holbrook


We believe that PE and physical activity are fundamentally important in supporting children to grow into healthy adults. It supports well-being now and in the future. We consider carefully how our PE curriculum, our provision for physical activity and our opportunities for enrichment help support these long term goals.


At Holbrook C of E Primary School our overarching aims and expectations for the PE curriculum are that:

  • Children enjoy PE and understand how it contributes to their mental and physical well-being.
  • Children develop and apply fundamental movements within every lesson.
  • Children are active throughout each PE lesson.
  • Children are at the forefront and have direct impact on their learning within lessons and through pupil voice.
  • Staff have a clear understanding of the National Curriculum,

through the use expert external coaches and whole school curriculum maps, so that children have access to high quality teaching and coaching

Learning at Holbrook is supported and enhanced through a range of curriculum sporting activities e.g. Rugby, football, tennis, gymnastics, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities.

  • EYFS lay strong foundation focusing on fundamental movements, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Learning is differentiated to support the needs of every child.
  • Swimming and water safety is taught in Class 3 and extra opportunities are taken to continue to improve 25m swimming percentage
  • Sports Premium Funding is spent effectively to develop a lasting legacy for PE & Sport at school.
  • Cross-curriculum links are made explicit through the whole school focus on outdoor learning and training.


Beyond the PE curriculum, we ensure that children have every opportunity to be physically active and to find their talents and passion for sporting activities. Our aim is that children will grow up to incorporate activity into their lives both for well-being and for fun.

  • Children are encouraged to be active throughout the school day both inside and outside of the classroom and irrelevant of weather or timetable constraints.
  • Staff understand the importance of activity for effective learning - children become the innovators of their own activity and active play.
  • Children feel grounded, and sport becomes a support for physical and mental health and wellbeing.


There are lots of ways in which we provide enrichment for children's. We want all children to have the opportunity to take part in inter-school sport, in competitions and just for fun and we provide a varied mix of lunch-time and after school clubs taught by coaches.

  • School Sports Premium is used effectively to allow the school to be part of the Amber Valley School Sports Partnership. This mean that the children compete locally with other schools.
  • We are committed to accessible sport for all and ensure that all children, including those who are disadvantaged and those with extra learning, emotional or physical needs are able to access good quality sporting activities.
  • Children are provided with a range of sporting activities after school to encourage exposure to new and varying sports. Recently these clubs have included dance, gymnastics, dodgeball and archery.


Progression in PE