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Design Technology

Design Technology 'in all its fullness'

Intent Statement


Our primary Design Technology curriculum is designed to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation in our pupils. We use the Design Technology Association’s ‘Plans on a Page’ to help our pupils achieve at least the National Curriculum expected standard. A key principle of our framework is that pupils' learning is developed cumulatively. This means that learning from previous key stages is revisited through our 'look back, move forwards' sessions and is used in a more sophisticated way in the later stages of primary.


Through a range of practical and theoretical activities, we aim to inspire children to design and create products that solve real-world problems and meet the needs of our ever-changing society. We believe that Design Technology is an essential subject that empowers students to think critically, work collaboratively, and develop their communication and teamwork skills. Our curriculum also emphasises the importance of sustainability, encouraging children to consider the environmental impact of their designs and to explore ways to reduce waste and conserve resources.


Our curriculum approach is carefully designed so that learning in the Early Years is built upon in Key Stage 1 and then again in Key Stage 2, so no matter the cycle, there are always clear links to earlier and future learning. You can see an example of how we make links below.

Oracy in DT

At Holbrook, we promote oracy in our Design Technology lessons through the use of ‘Speak like a Designer’ prompt mats. These mats provide pupils with structured prompts and vocabulary to articulate their ideas and thought processes during hands-on projects. By encouraging children to articulate their design concepts, problem-solving strategies and reflections on their work using the speak mats, we enhance their design and technical skills. In addition to preparing them for success in presentation and teamwork both academically and in the future.


How this fits with our school vision


Ultimately, our goal is to inspire our learners to become lifelong learners and to be innovative and resourceful problem solvers. By providing a design technology education that is engaging, relevant, and inspiring, we hope to help our learners to live life in all its fullness.