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Equality and Inclusion policies

At Holbrook we take our responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty seriously. Below, you can see some of the ways we proactively ensure that we meet our obligations to:


Eliminate discrimination whether direct or indirect by


  • consulting with our community through sharing and development of policies. We consider the needs of different groups, including those in protected characteristics groups when creating policies and procedures.
  • ensuring the governing body discuss and reflect on our public sector duty
  • relevant policies for pupils and staff such as anti-bullying/harassment, recruitment and pay and share these
  • a program of training for staff on equality issues
  • clear procedures for recording and dealing with incidents of discrimination, reporting these to governors and considering trends over time


Advance equality of opportunity between people who share a protected characteristic and those who don't by


  • analysing attainment data for different groups where appropriate and consider performance
  • using engagement data, for example for clubs and enrichment activities to ensure equal access and to inform our choice of activities
  • ensure diversity and inclusion through the curriculum, including careers based learning, to support the aspirations of all groups and through our PSHE curriculum which sets our learning linked to equality and protected characteristics



Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who don't by


  • ensuring the 'cultural capital' which is woven into our curriculum is inclusive and diverse, to celebrate the full range of characteristics
  • celebrating characteristics through termly themed days linked to, for example, LGBTQ+ history month or Black History Month
  • activities which promote tolerance and respect, for example through visiting other places of worship


Here are our key policies, statements and objectives to help ensure we meet our equality and inclusion duties and ensure Holbrook is inclusive and fair for all.