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Geography 'in all its fullness'

Statement of Intent


‘The study of geography is about understanding the complexity of our world…and in the end, it’s about using that knowledge to help build bridges and bring people together.” – Barack Obama


At Holbrook C of E Primary School, our school vision is rooted in the Christian faith, taking inspiration from Jesus’ promise to live “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10). Geography provides children time to learn about the world around them and their place within it. We believe that the study of geography can inspire children’s curiosity about the world. 

We endeavour to give the children as many different learning experiences as possible and to show them exactly what learning about geography has to offer. The children are taught to work with various types of equipment in order to develop their fieldwork skills and knowledge. We aim for our children to think and act like geographers and encourage them to have the self confidence and belief to ask critical and perceptive questions.


Our pupils develop their knowledge of people, place and community in order to understand the physical, social and economic forces that define places and the lifestyles of people who live there.

As part of our curriculum we study our local area and extend the knowledge we gain into the wider world. Our children learn to use maps, atlases and photographs to inform their views and explore the environments of the areas they study. They will also develop their investigative and problem solving skills through exploring how to use a compass and developing the ability to measure and track the weather.





Our curriculum approach is carefully designed so that learning in the Early Years is built upon in Key Stage 1 and then again in Key Stage 2, so no matter the cycle, there are always clear links to earlier and future learning. You can see an example of how we make links below.


Whatever the topic or cycle, our carefully planned progression of disciplinary knowledge makes sure children are building the knowledge and skills specific to the subject of geography.

Oracy in Geography

At Holbrook, we aim to enhance our oracy skills through the use of our ‘Speak like a Geologist’ mats. These mats provide students with the structure needed to articulate their observations and understanding. By promoting oracy in geography, children are able to convey their geographical knowledge effectively.


How this fits within our school vision


Our primary geography curriculum feeds in to our vision to live ‘life in all its fullness’ from John 10:10 as it intends to inspire and empower our children to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world around them. Through an inquiry-based approach, pupils will explore the physical and human characteristics of different places, cultures, and environments. By engaging in hands-on learning experiences, they will develop critical thinking skills, empathy, and a sense of responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. Ultimately, the curriculum aims to foster a lifelong curiosity about the world and a commitment to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.