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Curriculum design and planning

Curriculum Design


At Holbrook, we have a rolling programme for our curriculum. In the infants, the foundation subjects are taught on a two year cycle. Classes 3 and 4 (Years 3, 4 and 5) have a three year cycle, and our Year 6 have a standalone one year cycle.


To ensure rigour, each subject has a set of 'red letter learning' for each topic. This is the key knowledge and skills we have identified as crucial for our children to have learned before they leave their key stage. Teachers ensure this knowledge is embedded through our 'look back, move on' sessions.

Our Long Term Plans show the components of our curriculum.


Our One Subject Cycles show each composite step, the granular knowledge needed and our 'red letter learning' which is the substantive knowledge that we really want to 'stick'. 


Learning journeys show the children each composite steps for each unit of work. They also show the disciplinary knowledge and key vocabulary, as well as the 'red letter learning'. This helps children to know where they have been in their learning and where they are going next.


Learning ladders for each lesson really dig down into the substantive knowledge, showing the granular detail which is the focus of our teaching and learning. It helps the children to understand what exactly they need to know as well as how well they are doing at each step.

Have a look at our long term plan. It shows where we teach all the units of learning for every subject. For foundation subjects, such as History, Geography or DT, we think carefully about the order of learning within a year and across the whole school. Learning in EYFS provides the building blocks for units in Key Stage 1. This then links to further learning in our two mid Key Stage 2 classes, and then the final development in Year 6, where children achieve the end point in their primary school learning.