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It’s never too early to start learning about good emotional health and wellbeing. It’s really important to find, and practice, positive ways of thinking as they can help you through life’s ups and downs.

Here are some simple things that everyone can do that can help boost moods and manage emotions.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

At Holbrook, we put children's well-being as a top priority. Through themed assemblies and our PSHE curriculum we look at aspects of mental and physical well-being, teaching strategies to help children regulate and mange their emotions, to build their self-esteem and how to reach out when they need help.


One way in which we encourage children to speak out when they need help, is through Oakley, our Well-being Tree! Just like their poem says, Oakley encourages children to pop their worries inside so that a chosen adult can help them with whatever is on their mind.

Oakley was created by Mr Parker and named by the children. E (Year 6) says they have brought lots of 'positivi-tree' to our school! 


Here is what some other children have to say about Oakley:


"When I go past Oakley, I always give them a high five because I like them so much!" (A, Year 1)

"Their face looks so happy!" (M, EYFS)

"Putting a worry in the worry tree actually works! It takes the worry out of your mind and on to paper and then someone comes to help."  (H, Year 4)

"The worry tree is like a friend - they make you feel better." (A, Year 4)


By providing a safe and nurturing environment that prioritises the well-being of our pupils, we aim to help them grow into confident, resilient individuals who are equipped to face life's challenges. At Holbrook, we strive to empower children to live their lives to the fullest, both now and in the future.